New NAPLAN 2023 Configuration


The previous iteration of NAPLAN used BANDS and a numerical score, whereas the new NAPLAN 2023 test uses a numerical score in conjunction with a proficiency level (text) to inform achievement. It is not possible therefore to use the old NAPLAN tests to store the new data. The new data which will be collected for import into Scorelink, will be the numerical score as this will provide far more detailed analysis than a one-word proficiency level.

Before data can be imported into the new NAPLAN 2023 test formats, schools will need to add the five new NAPLAN 2023 tests into their Scorelink school test banks.  

Adding the New Tests

  1. Locate the new tests by opening the Tests TAB (Admin users only) and typing NAPLAN in the search box of the filters panel on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Once you locate the version 2.0 tests, click the view tab on the right to open the first test (NAPLAN Grammar & Punctuation 2.0).
  3. From the left hand test information panel, choose raw from the “select type” dropdown box.
  4. Click the “Set Primary Type” blue box and then click the “Enable” blue box to enable this test.
  5. Repeat this process to enable the next four Naplan 2.0 tests.
  6. Once all 5 tests are enabled, you can configure benchmarks as required by your site.
NOTE: If you would prefer your benchmarks to be added by the Scorelink team please email requesting this.