In the modern age everything digital is connected, and we want all of our digital systems to talk to each other and import/export relevant data accordingly. In techno-parlance this is labelled “integrations” but to it really just means “systems working together to make your life a bit easier”. We integrate with two different types of systems: student database systems that store student class and enrolment details, and also data storage systems where you might store student tests results.

Student database systems

Schools use a variety of digital systems to store their student enrolment records: rather than require users to manually enter and update that same information into Scorelink, we’ve built components to use this data to keep your Scorelink records as up-to-date as possible. Typically this will only include student details (including year level and class enrolments), but may include other ancillary data as available.


EDSAS is used in SA government (DECD) schools. We’ve built a component that will query EDSAS for data on a daily basis and update Scorelink accordingly, with little to no manual intervention required.


CeSIS is used in SA Catholic schools. Student data can be exported into a single file and imported directly into Scorelink: presently this is a manual process that needs to occur whenever the data needs updating, typically only once or twice per term.

Data Formats

There are several online systems available that test and/or store student data results, which provide useful exports of that data digitally. Rather than manually downloading and re-entering all of this data again, Scorelink will import these files as-is and update student records with the contained data. This process does typically rely on student ID numbers matching in all systems, so that’s something to keep in mind when uploading your student records.

ACER Online

ACER’s online testing and reporting platform is fantastic, and has some outstanding analytical tools built in to it – for question-level analysis and comparison to norming samples it’s a one-stop-shop for teachers and leaders alike. Users can also export the results into a series of Excel files that can be imported into Scorelink; the data will then be matched to your site benchmarks to colour-code this data alongside your other testing results for a holistic view of a student’s growth and performance.

NAPLAN Datamart

This is an online datastore used by DECD schools in SA to store and analyse NAPLAN test results. These results are available as an Excel file download, which can then be imported into Scorelink. Each file contains all available results for the selected students, going back as far as four tests (if available).