We've tried to keep the pricing for Scorelink as lean and mean as possible, so that we can provide real value to schools on tight budgets. There are two main costs associated with Scorelink:

Setup Fee

This is the fee you will pay to get your new Scorelink system set up and configured, ready to use: it’s a one-off fee just to get things up-and-running. It includes everything you need to get started, including access to training and support materials to get your users up-to-speed.

License Fee

This is an annual fee, based on your school size, that permits your ongoing use of Scorelink, and gives you access to our resource centre for help videos, guides and materials, plus access to our support team for any bugs or errors you might find in the system that you need help resolving.

How much will it cost?

Setup fee

One-off fee payable up-front at order time
$0.00 + GST
Students Price per Student Total Price
First 50 - -
Next 100 - -
Next 250 - -
Next 300 - -
Next 300 - -
Any Additional - -

License fee*

annual fee payable on the anniversary of the setup date

15% Discount

applicable if the fees are paid before the invoice due date

Total Fee

including setup and license for the first year
*Please note that license fees will be subject to an annual review based on CPI